What is the value of jewelry brands at a film festival? We analyze the media impact of Rabat and Tous at the San Sebastián film festival

 The occasions attended via influencers and celebrities , now not always branded as events prepared with the aid of them for the launch of a brand new product, presentation of collections inclusive of Fashion Weeks ...,  however others including red carpets, awards ceremonies, sporting events, Social or leisure activities that convey these profiles collectively are a top notch manner to amplify your logo .

Proof of this is how on every occasion these celebrities attend these events, the entire audience, from stop purchasers to the clicking and the media, are aware about which brands and looks those opinion leaders will select for the occasion. Therefore, every logo wants to be amongst the ones chosen by means of those celebrities.

From Launchmetrics, we discovered it interesting to investigate the cost generated via celebrities and influencers that multiple weeks in the past we have been capable of see on on-line and social media , at the San Sebastián movie pageant . The analysis changed into achieved among September 18 and 27. And in particular, we cognizance on the jewellery brands Rabat and Tous, the main stars of the pageant, inside the case of Rabat for dressing Blanca Suárez and in the case of Tous for the superior of OSO The movie.

The media impact generated by way of celebrities on the San Sebastián film competition

Among exciting statistics, which includes that in the online media the 2 principal courses were within the first area, an article by way of The New York Times approximately the foremost of the new Woody Allen movie, with a cost of € 42,000 in Media Impact Value ™  and in 2nd function, an article via Cosmopolitan approximately two leading Spanish actresses at the film pageant, Blanca Suárez and María Pedraza, accomplishing € forty one,000 in MIV ® , we additionally locate which profiles generated the best impact on their social networks.

Regarding these profiles that done the greatest value through their posts , these are the social media publications that generated the greatest media impact at some stage in the dates analyzed in phrases of MIV® on the subject of the competition in wellknown . Among these stand out, with appreciably better values, inside the first area the publication of € a million in MIV® by the actress Ester Expósito, the courses of María Pedraza , occupying the second one and 0.33 position for her courses that exceed € 500,000 in MIV® , observed via a video by means of the singer Alejandro Sanz (€ 203,314)  and a submit via the actress Blanca Suárez ( € 195,202) . However, at the same time as all eyes are commonly ready to recognise what clothes those opinion leaders will wear, the fee of the accessories that accompany those looks does now not pass neglected either. From baggage, footwear to add-ons together with earrings ..., there are numerous manufacturers that collectively with designers or different fashion brands want to be selected via those celebrities and as a result attain more visibility for his or her manufacturers.

What value did the Rabat and Tous earrings manufacturers generate during the San Sebastián movie festival?


In the case of Rabat, maximum of its media effect turned into generated by using on line media , achieving a complete of € 429,655 in MIV® all through the analyzed length, compared to € 61,171 (MIV®) from social media . Thus, a few of the five essential on-line media that posted the most precious articles, we discover Elle España within the first area with a piece of writing about Blanca Suárez and in 2d location with Manuela Sanz , accompanied by means of other articles from the OKDiario , Harper's Bazaar España and El Español media. .

On the opposite hand, the various maximum valuable posts on social networks , in addition to courses by Manuela Sanz (Alejandro Sanz's daughter), Rachel Valdés (Alejandro's wife) and a Blanca Suárez fan account, we also discover guides from the brand itself Rabat, by means of Valenzuela, the logo of the dress that Blanca Suárez wore with accessories from Rabat and the medium In Style Spain, which makes a super amplification approach by using having one-of-a-kind Voices ( Celebrities , Owned Media and Partners ) speakme about their emblem.

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