KnowYourMIV: Addison Rae x American Eagle

 Welcome to the ultra-modern #KnowYourMIV! This month, we analyzed our first TikTok campaign to recognize the impact of precise influencers on a platform that has taken the sector by typhoon in 2020. For this evaluation, we've got decided to music down one of the best-recognised creators on TikTok, Addison Rae, and his affiliation with American Eagle. Addison is a comedy, style and splendor author who rose to reputation on the platform thru trending dance motion pictures and has because collected 71.5 million followers.

Addison Rae often works with a number of brands via videos on her TikTok channel. One such logo, with whom he has had a protracted and regular association, is American Eagle, a mass market style brand primarily based inside the United States. To degree the impact Addison Rae made for American Eagle, we implemented Media Impact Value ™ (MIV®) , our proprietary facts set of rules for the duration 06/01/2020 to 12/01/2020. Read extra approximately how this metric works in this text .

#KnowYourMIV: Addison Rae x American Eagle

Overall, Addison generated $ four.26 billion in MIV® for American Eagle over the six months we monitored, one of the maximum consequences we've got visible in our #KnowYourMIV collection thus far. Average MIV® in step with put up became similarly fantastic, at $ 6,900 across 618 posts. This excessive-performing end result is some thing we are probable to see in future TikTok campaigns, as the platform permits for extraordinarily extensive reach on a big scale. Discoverability is distinct too, as motion pictures are recommended to customers based totally on their interests and interactions with different similar content, that means the motion pictures are a lot greater personalized and centered, which could advantage brands. Let's dive into the collaboration's pinnacle posts.

The Mickey Mouse Holiday Collection

The top-appearing publish average become one wherein Addison went again to basing on how she got so a success on TikTok in the first location: dance traits. In this video, the TikTok author danced along a cartoon Mickey Mouse at the same time as selling the new American Eagle collection in affiliation with Disney. The submit started out a brand new dance trend that become clean for her fans to copy and percentage, as well as tag the emblem along with her hashtag and track music. If a person attempts to recreate the fashion after seeing Addison's video, their followers will see that the soundtrack become created by means of American Eagle and Disney, that is a brought gain of expanded visibility in case the fashion is going viral.Overall, the video presently has 5.2 million likes and 44.Three million perspectives,  the tune song has been used 657 extra instances after Addison posted it.

'Mom Jeans With Mom'

Addison's mother is one of the lovers on her feed and this clever video played on the Mom denims trend turned into no exception. The duo flipped thru their favorite American Eagle Mom Jeans in a amusing lookbook video presenting the logo hashtags #AEJeans and #AEPartner and accumulated 8,000 stocks and 33,a hundred remarks.

@addisonre I got it from my momma. We're both carrying our favorite Mom Jeans from @americaneagle. Check them out at www.Ae.Com! #AEJeans #AEPartner I Wanna Know You - BLVKSHP

Total MIV®: $ 613,865

If cowboys may want to talk

Addison seamlessly incorporated the position of this product with the TikTok functions, comparing the transitions on the platform for changing 'hoodies with jeans'. The platform became famous for its transitions and the way customers incorporated them into their motion pictures , that is what makes the content material identifiable to most TikTok customers. The key to virality is growing content material that the majority can connect with, because it will increase the chance that it will be shared and engaged.

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